Our Rebu team builds back.


Our team of skilled tradesmen are experts at bringing your property back to life. We take pride in every job—big or small—and have perfected our process to ensure every project is finished in such a way that we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’re passionate about delighting our clients and dedicated to producing the best work possible.  Our team of Facilities Project Managers has the perfect combination of experience, flexibility and resources to build back your property.


Construction and Property Enhancement

Quality, safety, scheduling, budgeting: we will come through for you in all the ways in which you need a solid, experienced partner.

You benefit from our:

  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Financial Stability
  • Cost Control
  • Proven Ability to Meet a Timeline
  • Exceptional Safety Record

Property Management Support

We understand that a job well done is really never done in our business. Doors don’t close properly, electrical outlets don’t function and plumbing lines clog­—all usually at the most inopportune time. As your facilities maintenance partner, we’re on your side and waiting to respond to every necessary request, emergency or otherwise, 24/7/365. So rest easy. We’ve got you covered.